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Previously Owned Harps for Sale

Harpsicle Lap Harp - $525
26 Strings - sharping levers on C and F
Four years old
color: Natural
Includes cloth carry bag and tuning key

This Harpsicle lap harp is only four years old and is in like new condition. With sharping levers on C and F, you can play in the keys of C, G and D major as well as A minor, E minor and B minor and all the associate modes. It comes with a cloth carrying case and a tuning key. Strap buttons are already installed so it would be easy to use a guitar-type shoulder strap to secure the harp while seated or to wear the harp while walking.

With a compact size and a weight of just 6 lbs. this is the perfect harp for anybody who wants to practice while traveling. It’s also good for use as a therapy harp or for small children just learning.