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Used Harps for Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 15 Pedal Harp - $13,000
46 strings
serial #4767 built c. 1957
color: Natural aged maple
Includes dust cover

Regulated by Lyon Healy tech in July of 2014, new felts, new bass wires.

Style 15 harp frontStyle 15 back

This harp was played by the previous owner but not moved out of the house often and is therefore in excellent physical condition. The technician found the neck, soundboard, baseboard and action to be in tip-top condition. The sound is big and rich, the harp is very easy to play.

Style 15 column

This would be a great gig harp due to the straight soundboard, easy to load and transport while also delivering fantastic tone and volume. It is rare to find a harp of this age that doesn’t require some major costly work but this one is in great shape. Colin Campbell, the Lyon and Healy tech who regulated it, will happily discuss the details of this instrument’s health with any prospective buyer.

harp soundboard with decalharp neck

Please contact me to make an appointment to visit and try out this lovely harp!

soundbo sidecover