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Used Harps for Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 15 Pedal Harp - $10,000 -
46 strings
serial #3613 built c. 1936
Natural and Bronze
Includes original wooden trunk, tuning key, assorted sheet music

This beautiful harp belongs to one of my students who inherited it from her harpist mother. It hasn’t been played much in the last few years but it got a new set of strings and a regulation two years ago.


The soundboard is original and in great condition. The sound is big and warm, you don’t have to work hard to get this instrument to speak.




There is a very small crack in the neck which looks as if it has been there for many years. As insurance, the crack was filled with marine epoxy. Peter Wiley, who regulated it two years ago, said that action and the rest of the harp are in excellent solid shape. It has the original ivory string pegs.



This would be a great instrument for somebody who enjoys playing at home and doesn’t plan to move the harp.

Height - 71 inches
Weight - 76 lbs.

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