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Used Harps for Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 20 Pedal Harp - $11,900
- Sold!
45 strings
serial #200 built c. 1900
Natural and Bronze
Includes tuning key, wooden music stand

harp from left

This harp has been kept in good order all of its life and is in fantastic structural condition with all original parts. The current owner purchased it in 1965 from a Catholic girls’ school in Salt Lake City. It has only been moved a handful of times since then.

The harp has been played mostly by young students and adult beginners who didn’t do much pedal work. Consequently, the mechanism is not worn and there is no clicking in the pedals.

The gilding was in disrepair from age so it was bronzed some time in the 1970’s. The bronzing still looks brand new. The soundboard has the decorative decal.

harp crownharp bass

The soundboard has a few age cracks but it is only a cosmetic issue - these are only in the thin veneer and do not go through to the horizontal-grained solid wood underneath that is the structural part of the board. This is really the only part of the harp that hints at it being over 100 years old. The baseboard shows no slipping, cracking or separation.

soundboardharp baseboard

The neck has only a very slight twist, not nearly as much as one would expect to see in an instrument of this age. The disc forks contact the strings correctly and intonation is great.

harp neck

Thus harp received a full new set of strings and a regulation in April 2013. It is in tip-top structural shape and has the typical big volume and super clarity of the early straight board Lyon & Healy harps.

harp and music stand

This would be a perfect instrument for a teaching studio or for a gigging harpist -- the straight board makes it easy to load in and out of a car. Meanwhile, it has a big voice and the bronze gives it plenty of “bling” factor without the added expense or delicacy of gold leaf.

Height - 70 inches
Weight - 68 lbs.

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