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Used Harps for Sale

Venus Seraphim Pedal Harp - SOLD!

42 strings
Straight soundboard
st Octave D to 7th Octave E
Natural maple with bronzing, decal on soundboard and gold crown
Case, tuning key and
custom harp cart included

(This beautiful instrument is being sold my mother, Karen Turner)

Venus Seraphim harp from left sideRight side view of Venus Seraphim Harp
Back of Venus Seraphim HarpView of neck of Venus harp

I purchased this harp new in December, 2009. I went to the Venus factory where I was able to play a number of their harps. I fell in love with the BIG rich sound of this one. I am regretfully selling it because my arthritic fingers can no longer deal with the tension of a pedal harp.

Soundboard decor of Venus HarpVenus Seraphim Harp in travel case
Veiw of soundboard decal on Venus Seraphim Harp
Gold crown on Venus HarpBase of Venus Seraphim harp

This harp has only been moved once. It is in perfect condition with no marks or dings. It was regulated in July, 2011 by the Venus factory technician, including new pedal felts. It has a Venus warranty against defective materials and workmanship effective through December, 2014.

I am also including Valkyrie Cordes strings for 1
st, 2nd and 3rd octaves and also 5th octave 29 through 33.

Only the most beautiful wood is used for the natural finish on a harp such as this. It is approximately 70” tall, has a 17” soundboard (width) and weighs 72.5 pounds.

My handy husband made a custom harp cart for the Venus that I am also including in the sale.

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