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Blue Harp Wedding

Last week I had the pleasure of playing for a wedding ceremony at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. The groom had asked me if I would accompany him while he serenaded his bride in the middle of the ceremony. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive. I thought he might feel so emotional that he would get too choked up to sing but he felt it wouldn’t be a problem, so I arrived early before the wedding for a short rehearsal of the song. It went fantastically well, sooo....

In the middle of the ceremony, the groom walked to where I was positioned with the harp, picked up his guitar, and we hit it. The guy sang like some kind of rock star and it was nothing other than pure fun to play back-up for him! He maintained complete composure but I got a bit teary because the song was such an open-hearted declaration of love and he sang it with uninhibited passion.

Laurie plays Blue harp at Ojai Valley Inn

The bride and groom had informed me in advance that their color theme was blue and orange so I though it was a perfect opportunity to bring the Blue harp. After all, it won’t always be the case that I own a harp that is color-coordinated to the event so I thought I should take advantage of the moment!

Pink flower on Blue wedding harp