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Irish Fair Harp Competition

On June 21-22 I missed the annual Santa Barbara Solstice Parade because I was playing at the Irish Fair in Irvine. Temperatures were hovering near 100 degrees so it was miserably hot at the fairgrounds. I felt really sorry for all those bagpipers marching about in wool socks and kilts. Those of us in the harp tent had the most pleasant location near the water where the fountain stirred a bit of breeze to at least keep the air moving. The harp concert stage is located on a small island in the middle of a lake which is quite peaceful and serene...or would be if it weren't for the dratted pipers marching past too frequently. Dennis Doyle and I were adjudicators for the harp competition which was small since this is the first year they've had it. We hope to see the number of competitors increase next year. I had the pleasure of presenting the First Prize ribbon and gift certificate to Jessica, an accomplished and confident 12-year-old.

Harp competition prize winner