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Harp Recital

Last month I held a recital and 11 of my harp students participated. Ranging in age from 11 to adults and they were all stars! We started the show with a few ensemble pieces to warm up and then everybody played a solo. We had a real variety of music; animal songs from the younger ones, folk tunes, compositions by Marcel Grandjany and J. S. Bach, a jazzy version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”, a couple of South American dances and even an original composition called “A Mountain Goat’s Love” by an 11-yr-old student.

We played in a church that has great acoustics and the audience was struck by the uniquely beautiful sound that each different harp produced. Also, each harpist, regardless of experience level, exhibited an individual tone quality and style. I was exceedingly proud of everybody’s successful and professional performance. They all told me afterwards they felt excited to play and share their music with the audience and it showed. We’ll have to do it again in the Spring!

Three young harpists
Bridget, Anna and Ginger Rose accept the enthusiastic applause of the audience after their trio performance.