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Irish Birthday Party

I’ve been hauling the pedal harp around so much lately that it was a relief when I was invited to bring my lever harp to a party on Memorial Day weekend. It seems so small and portable after maneuvering the concert grand in and out of the car! My friends Treasa, Jan and Solas all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other so this was a communal birthday celebration for all of them. Treasa is a singer of traditional Irish songs and has a voice like an angel. She invited several musicians to the party so... music ensued.

Laurie plays harp at seisiun

Although there are a couple of pubs around town with active seisiúns, I haven’t played at one in years. It was great fun to sit under the trees in a beautiful Santa Ynez garden and jam with three fiddles, a low whistle and a bouzouki. Fiddlers can add such a joyful “swing” to a tune and the bouzouki has that happy bouncy sound. It inspired me enough that I think I'll go to the pub next week (photo courtesy of J. Downs).