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Jazz Night

Saturday night June 8th was jazz night. I was invited to play a concert with the Santa Barbara Master Chorale, vocal soloist Art Emr and an assortment of amazing jazz musicians. Director Steve Hodson put together a moving arrangement of “The House I Live In” for the choir and it was a thrill to add my harp to their powerful voices.

Harp and Vibes Jazz Concert

I accompanied Art’s smooth Sinatra-like rendition of “Try a Little Tenderness” along with vibes player Dylan Morrow-Jones. Who knew harp and vibes was such an ideal combination? Although he’s young, Dylan is a master of his instrument and sometimes when he’s soloing smoke even comes from his mallets. Those jazz standards sound so classy on the harp. It’s a joy to play them in an ensemble with musicians who are so comfortable with their craft.