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Princess Sakura Harp

The National Association of Music Merchandisers (NAMM) holds an enormous trade show every January, the largest event that takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center all year. Manufacturers of musical instruments of all kinds come from far and wide to exhibit their products and there is a constant cacophony over the four days as all these instruments are being played at the same time. I worked at the Dusty Strings booth, playing their lovely harps and doing my best to be heard. I was pleased to discover this harp also on exhibit:

Aoyama Princess Sakura model harp

It's Aoyama's newest model, the Princess Sakura - easy to identify with its cherry blossom inlay. It was on display at the booth of North American Hardwoods who had provided the spruce used in the soundboard. I had a chance to play it against the background din of electric guitars, didgeridoos, cellos and amplified fiddles, etc. Although it's still a new harp, it had a full rich tone and smooth pedal action and I would have enjoyed plaing it in a quieter atmosphere.