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Used Harps for Sale

Dusty Strings FH36B - $5000
36 strings
Full set of Loveland levers
Bubinga wood with tiger maple veneer on soundboard
Abalone inlay on pillar, soundboard and sides
pick-up built in
case and tuning key included


I bought this special instrument new in 1994 and it has been a fantastic harp for performance and recording. The bubinga wood gives it a rich full voice and big satisfying tone with a mellow base and sparkling clear treble. All the tracks on my CD, The Dawning of the Day, were recorded with this very instrument so if you’d like to hear it, listen here.


Dusty Strings made only three harps like this one with the abalone inlay not only in the Celtic knot on the pillar and around the soundboard, but also around the edges of the sides. It shimmers in brilliant colors from every angle. Another special detail is the curly maple binding around the edge of the base with ebony setting off the corners.

Bubinga wood can exhibit a variety of grain patterns. The wood in this harp has ripply curling patterns that look almost 3-dimensional and the book-matched tiger maple veneer is extremely highly figured, as well.

There is a Barcus Berry Folk Harp Transducer (pick-up) attached to the back of the soundboard and the jack is located in the bottom of the base, under the harp so there are no unsightly holes visible. An L-plug jack comes with the harp but if you need to replace it they are readily available in most any music supply store.

Several years ago one of the rear feet was cracked in shipping but it has been successfully repaired. The crack is still visible (if you look very closely from behind the harp) but it is structurally sound. Other than that, there are no dings or dents. Although using bubinga results in a harp that’s a few pounds heavier than other commonly used woods, its density means that it is very ding-resistant!



Height at top of pillar - 54 inches

Maximum soundboard width - 14 inches

Weight - 32 pounds

Weight of case - 9 pounds


This is a professional performance instrument made of the highest quality materials. It was built with an amazing level of craftsmanship and great attention to the smallest details. All of this results in a harp that is a great joy to play and hear.

You are most welcome to come try it out! Please call or email to arrange an appointment.



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