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Used Harps for Sale

Ardival Kilcoy - $1200 -
19 brass strings
Sycamore wood, hollowed from a single log
Includes Glenn Cronkhite case, tuning key, extra wire for strings

This harp is small but delivers a surprisingly big sound due to the soundbox being hollowed out of one piece of wood. It has a thickly-padded Cordura case that can easily be carried in one hand or worn as a backpack. The pocket has room for the extra set of strings and the tuning key, which is hand carved and fits very nicely in the hand.

Left side of Kilcoy harpRight side of Kilcoy harp
Kilcoy harp in case

Height - 22.5 inches
Weight - 5 lbs.
Weight with case - 9 lbs.

The current price for this harp new (excluding case and shipping from Scotland) is $1250

To learn more about Ardival Harps and the Kilcoy, and to hear a sound clip, click here.

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