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What is Suzuki Harp Teaching?

Suzuki harp student with Laurie Rasmussen
Shinichi Suzuki was a Japanese violin teacher who developed a philosophy of teaching music to very young children with what he called a “mother-tongue” method. Realizing that all children the world over learn language fluently by hearing it in their environment, he applied the elements of language acquisition to music teaching. With constant aural repetition, parental support at home and loving encouragement, children can learn music as easily as they learn a language.

Laurie especially appreciates using the Suzuki philosophy to teach harp to children as young as four years of age. From the very beginning, students develop confidence and learn to express musical excellence.

Suzuki harp student in Santa Barbara
Laurie is a Suzuki Harp Instructor registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. She completed her Book 1 training with Delaine Fedson in August 2010 and Book 2 in July 2011.

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